About POSA

The Police Officers Safety Association (POSA) is a registered, non-profit organization.  Our primary focus is to provide life-saving and and injury-preventing, advanced training to law enforcement officers.  We produce our own training programs on critical issues and distribute them free to law enforcement officers.

POSA’s training programs and publications are available free to all law enforcement officers, nationwide.

Funding is accomplished by private donations from citizens and businesses. Solicitations are accomplished with the aid of registered, professional organizations with reputable experience in funds solicitation. POSA/DPSF solicits funds in our name only and does not refer to any specific law enforcement organization or agency as the recipient or benefactor in any solicitation.



David S. Kenik
Co-founder and Executive Director

  • David Kenik has decades of experience as business owner and brings his extensive experience in business management and marketing to POSA.
  • David was a sworn police officer in New Mexico where he served as a firearms instructor.  David has served as a board member and a committee member of several non-profit organizations.
  • Author of Armed Response, A Comprehensive Guide to Using Firearms for Self-Defense, and co-author of the Armed Response Video Training Series, he has been an avid shooter for over 25 years.  Mr. Kenik has completed courses from internationally recognized use of force institutions in the judicious use of lethal force, firearms, weapon disarming/retention, and edged weapons and is a certified police firearms instructor.


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