Our Training Approach

POSA offers free and low-cost training programs to law enforcement officers to increase their safety and effectiveness. These programs are designed to enhance performance through training in new subjects, leading-edge technique, and modern approaches to officer safety.

POSA is focused primarily on use-of-force training since this is the area of greatest risk to officers and it is typically the most difficult and expensive training to obtain.

POSA's training is in demand
because of our three key attributes:

Too often, for liability reasons and to avoid any risk at all of injury in training (both laudable goals), much use-of-force training has been watered down to the point of minimal usefulness. Officers know this, but are at a loss as to where to turn for training that is truly relevant to them. Martial arts schools and commercial shooting schools offer programs that are useful to a greater or lesser degree, but they are geared towards the general public, and not the tactical, legal, and duty-bound environment in which police officers must work. POSA's training, by contrast, is notable for its realism and direct relevance.

Many law enforcement programs simply repeat the most generic, vanilla information, and aim it at the lowest level. Because POSA is an independent entity, we are freed from the constraints of having to appease everyone, and our information is always practical and useful.

Commercial entities must, by necessity, charge fees for their training. This requirement often has the effect of encouraging the lengthening of these programs to justify a larger tuition. POSA's programs are under no such constraint, and thus are direct, information-dense, and contain no repetition or filler. Feedback on our programs indicates that this aspect of our training is much appreciated.

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